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Beautiful Bunting

My glass bunting looks pretty hung between trees, in a sunny window or across a wall and I've had the pleasure of working with many different people over the years to create bespoke bunting.

I make my bunting out of at least two layers of clear glass and there is a large degree of obsession in it's making. Everything is measured, snapped and cut by hand to an exact size until I have created enough base bunting layers.

The next obsession comes in ensuring that the hooks are exact. Each hook is hand-created, sized, rejected or selected to ensure that the flags hang equally well.

I have many different stringers, gems, copper sheets, powders and frit to create the different patterns and to enable me to meet the different colour requests.

I keep everything as my treat for all the obsession is to use up the scraps to create a piece of free-flow glass art.

My Beach Hut inspired bunting is a best-seller and I use glass stringers to create the stripes in whatever colour is requested. It is detailed work to ensure nothing moves in the kiln. I've made these in nearly any colour you can think of so do get in touch with requests.

The sun will surely be with us soon and we can turn our thoughts to summer and bring the light into our rooms through beautiful bunting handmade from glass, or garland our trees with light-catching glass.

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