Have you wanted to give glass fusing a try but not sure how to?  Would you like to learn a new skill at home whilst creating your very own framed piece? Then this kit is for you! "We loved doing it!" - Mother and Daughter who did a piece together.  Each kit contains everything you need to create a framed piece, with easy to follow step-by-step instructions. They make a perfect birthday gift - or you can gift the piece you create! How it works: 1. Buy and receive the kit 2. Design and make your own piece using the detailed instructions and kit contents 3. Take a photo of your piece and email it to:  [email removed by eBay] - this ensures that IF anything happens to it in the post I can rectify it (this is highly unlikely) 4.  Box everything back up into the packaging, completing the name slip so I know it is yours and return to me. 5.  I fire your piece before posting back to you in it's frame. Need Ideas?  The kit contains info on links to my Pinterest account to see what others have made: from rainbows, to hearts and hot air balloons and football team logos! Have your own idea?  If you have your own idea, which may need a lot of one colour, just get in touch and I will swap out one colour bag for another. Kit contents: - a piece of flat clear glass 9cm x 7cm - bags of different coloured glass pieces and rods - glue and cocktail stick for spreading - detailed instructions and FAQ - return address label, bubble-wrap and slip for your details The kit does not contain the frame - but don't panic!  Once I have fused your piece, I will frame it before I post it back to you.  The piece of glass can have sharp edges until it is fused so I do recommend that children are supervised and the kit is kept away from small children and pets.

Home Glass Fusing Kit - Framed piece


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