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Life in my workshop

It may be cold outside but it's warm under the kiln!#Catsatwork #Caturday

Welcome to my first website blog! I thought I would show and tell you a little about my workshop, despite the fact that the roof is presenting leaking and so we are tiptoeing around lots of bowls and buckets. At least the cat knows the best place to be...

Today we have a kiln full of love... #Valentines #Love #Hearts #MothersDay

with more copper heart buntings and dichroic jewellery. The joy of working with copper is that you are never quite sure what colour it will be after a firing. I usually prefer the rich red colour and so fix the firing to hopefully achieve this but the copper can also run with a green hint or a very deep,dark red. #Alchemy

All my products with copper are best sellers and whilst I produce many, no two are identical thanks to the alchemy of the firing.

What else is in my workshop? Well lots of piles of multi-coloured glass. #Rainbow #Chakra

These include powdered glass, glass stringers and the glass pieces themselves. These pieces have been cut today for more rainbow/chakra light-catchers, which are always popular. #MothersDayGifts #ValentinesDay

My favourite place for the rainbow/chakra light-catchers is to hang them safely outside where the breeze makes them cast their colours across the garden. #Garden

There are, of course, also lots of different tools to enable the pieces to be cut and made effectively and creatively.

Thanks for reading! and I hope you enjoy my website. All items can be purchased either directly, through Ebay or, from mid March 2018, through Etsy.

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