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Unique and Bespoke Jewellery

It is important to me to make individual pieces wherever possible and no more so than when making jewellery. When I wear an item of jewellery, I like to know that it is unique to me and so I carry this ethos through to my work. I want my clients to know that their purchase is unique to them and as such, I have been working to order on a number of requests recently.

Blue dichroic stack necklace with sterling silver inclusion


It has been pretty hot in my workshop over the last couple of weeks, so the kiln runs at night to avoid making the heat unbearable.

Dannah (our three-legged cat) has been hustling spiders on a daily basis, which suits me! Glass frit of all sizes is well-used on small pieces of jewellery and I try to keep in order if only for photos...The Heroes tin is full of glass off-cuts (unfortunately!) and the beer bottle for slumping (make useful cheese boards or wind chimes) - I'm drinking the pint of water you can see!

Dichroic glass makes for an interesting texture and fibre wool allows for a threading space for a cotton string (hopefully!). A glass stack works well too and produces a unique effect each time. I often produce sets of jewellery too, using epoxy and sterling silver inclusions.

Any colour, design or occasion, an outfit that could do with a unique piece or a matching set, get in touch via my email, If you can tell me a colour swatch I can suggest ideas and make some pieces.

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